We are so excited that YOU get to play a vital role in kingdom work. We truly believe we are not raising support, but supporters. We are raising people, not money. We were shocked when we dug deep in the Gospel and realized how biblical support raising is. We read a quote that says "support raising is not about moving people's finances from one bank account to another, but moving their hearts from a temporal focus to an eternal one." We want to be treasure transplanters, which is helping people move from a temporal, man-made, horizontal buying and selling, to the eternal, God-designed, vertical giving and receiving. we are looking for people to join our monthly team. can you fill one of these roles? Would you join our team?

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Here is our goal

If you want to join our team, but don’t feel like one of these spots is calling your name, give what you can give. We would be incredibly thankful.

*All donations are tax deductable