Our 3-year journey in the Dominican Republic

We are Acarey & Lane Hadley and we moved to the Dominican Republic in July of 2019. Acarey is the School Nurse and Women’s Volleyball coach and Lane is a U.S. History teacher, Athletic Director, and Basketball Coach.


Our Story

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Ever since we started dating, we had talked about our desire to serve abroad; though we weren't sure of the possibility of this due to the difference in our choice of career paths. We love experiencing different cultures.

After college, we got married and took our honeymoon trip to the Dominican Republic. Once there, we met with a friend of ours from college who took a job teaching 2nd grade at Doulos Discovery School in the mountain town of Jarabacoa. We had been supporting her monthly in this ministry position and brought her some Clif bars and dollar store prizes for her class. We shared with her our desire to live abroad, but how we were unsure if it would ever happen. She informed us, with a smirk, of the need from the school for a high school social studies teacher and a school nurse.

We applied for the position on the flight home, we saw a door open and figured we might as well walk through it. As the interview process begun, we stayed calm and continued to walk through the doors that were opening before us, knowing it must be God. We soon found through plenty of prayer that this is where we were called to go and serve.


Acarey’s Vision

As a school nurse, my mission is to be a resource for change. I want to assist students in reaching their optimal health so they can preform their best in school. Research shows having a full-time school nurse is associated with fewer students leaving school during the day due to sickness and injury. The more school a child misses, the more likely they are to fall behind and drop out.

I strive to provide continuity of care across all socioeconomic backgrounds and ensure every student and their family has access to healthcare. I hope to empower the students to seek higher education and be able to impact the Dominican Republic and break the cycle of poverty. As I do this, I hope to be a conduit for Christ in these vulnerable populations I work with each and everyday.


Lane’s Vision

A a teacher, I pray that God will allow me to share my love of teaching U.S. history to my students and use me to be an excellent resource in preparing them with knowledge that will be vital to them if they choose to attend an American university.

I am excited that I will be able to share my faith in the classroom with my students and push them to grow in their faith as well.

As the Athletic Director, I will seek to provide a great athletic experience to all of my athletes while encouraging Christ-like sportsmanship and a competitive environment that will promote excellent human development in the form of lasting life skills. I will also emphasize the importance of athletics as a way to keep kids off the streets and out of drugs. I am committed to being a resource for learning and mentoring to the young men in our school.



Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

We serve at Doulos Discovery School in a mountain town in the Dominican Republic. They are an established 501(c)(3) US nonprofit. The primary goal is to positively impact the Dominican Republic by being a resource for change in the community we serve. Our mission statement is “To educate and equip servant leaders through Christian discipleship and expeditionary learning to impact the Dominican Republic.” We have loved living out that mission statement first hand.

Our funding Goal

If you want to join our team, but don’t feel like one of these spots is calling your name, give what you can give. We would be incredibly thankful.

*All donations are tax deductible

Currently we are about 75% funded, and we would love to be 100% by December 2019. We are so excited that you get to play a vital role in kingdom work. We truly believe we are not raising support, but supporters. We are raising people, not money. We were shocked when we dug deep in the Gospel and realized how biblical support raising is. We read a quote that says "support raising is not about moving people's finances from one bank account to another, but moving their hearts from a temporal focus to an eternal one." We want to be treasure transplanters, which is helping people move from a temporal, man-made, horizontal buying and selling, to the eternal, God-designed, vertical giving and receiving. we are looking for people to join our monthly team. can you fill one of these roles? Would you join our team?





The mountains are because we live in a mountain town in the Dominican Republic (no, we won’t get to live on the beach under palm trees, unfortunately). Prior to making this decision we were consulting some mentors. At some point they said, “Sometimes you just gotta take that leap!” Whether its in your life or your career, we want to encourage you to never be afraid to take that leap.

To purchase stickers you can Venmo $3 to @AcareyRosa or provide cash. If that doesn’t work reach out to us! If you would like them shipped provide your address and add an extra dollar for the stamp and envelope.

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